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We promise to fix your people-pleasing automations and your perfectionist tendencies - leading you to be more confident and resilient in your daily life.

From People-Pleasing Perfectionist, to Confident, Balanced Babe.

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Most women have a sneaky "should-shamer" living in the back of their minds.

I should have...

I should be… but

I know I should...

I really should have...

Stop "shoulding" yourself into insanity.
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Signs of a "should" goal:
  • You keep putting it off.

  • It’s “too hard”.

  • You’ve had it for years.

  • You get envious of other people who have it “easier” than you.

  • You avoid certain situations so you don’t have to confront that you haven’t reached your goal.​​

  • You have mental health attacks about your goal.

  • You look for quick fixes to reach your goal.

  • You’re worried other people are judging you for not reaching your goal.

  • It takes up a lot of headspace in your daily life.

It's time to make a massive change in your life. It's time to put yourself first.

Get started in 3 simple steps.


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Personal Power

Embrace a higher level of self awareness and harness your unfiltered inner power.

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➡️ Access valuable guidance, insights, and education in personal development, health and well-being.

If you're seeking the unfiltered, 100% real experience of stepping into your power, you're in the right place.

Are you ready to...
  • ​Take full responsibility for your life 

  • Be confident in your decisions

  • Confront issues and challenges head on

Are you tired of...
  • Sacrificing your mental health for everyone else

  • Taking others' advice with no real results

  • Questioning yourself about everything

Then you're in the right place...

Welcome To
Life-Balance By Design.

Here's your chance to finally see what you're truly capable of:

  • Give yourself grace as you explore what you truly want in a safe space.

  • Practical exercises to set realistic goals and prioritize your own needs effortlessly.

  • Recognize and deal with “should-shaming” attacks. 

  • Easy-to-implement strategies to honor your needs without sacrificing your responsibilities.


Start to build your resiliency and inner power by joining our powerful community. ​​Sign up for our newsletter to get started!

When you said,
There’s no judgment here and this is a safe space, let’s establish that first”,
it really set the tone.

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