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Success! You're on the list!

Take a deep breath.

You are now on the path to freedom, where you can explore who you are today — not who you used to be, planned to be, or 'should' be.

Welcome to the Life-Balance By Design Community!

I'm thrilled you've joined us on this journey.

Now, let's talk about something crucial.

If you’re here, you already know what you "should" be doing to reach all your goals.

Unfortunately, many high-achieving women make the mistake of minimizing their needs and overestimating their ability to get things done.

If you find yourself constantly "should-shaming" yourself, it can lead to an inner struggle.

But here's the good news — you are not alone.

Starting right now, in this very moment, give yourself grace. The hard part is over.

y being here, you've taken the first step towards giving yourself the grace you deserve as you work towards achieving your goals.

You are now actively designing your ideal life-balance.

I look forward to supporting you on this empowering journey!

With Love & Light,
Dawnell Kelly

What People Are Saying

"Dawnell is changing the world! Thrilled to have her as a Partner and mentor."
- Chason Forehand, Founder of the nonprofit hr-4uinc. 
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